Ranges Motorsport Centre

Bored of going around and around on flat featureless venues?
Want a real challenge?
Then try the Ranges , an opportunity to test (wo) man and machine over twisty undulating tarmac roads.

This section contains a description of the venue, and some photographs of various features and corners.
Move your mouse cursor along the road to find clickable areas of the map to view some images (currently 23 hot spots)

 Ranges Map starting line pits flying finish sq top right out of square triangle brow finish flying finish fast left heading for square heading for yump the yUMp top - downhill from here top brow 90 left flat balls out kink 1st 90 2nd 90 yump kev (capri) corner Dave Pritchard Escort BDG

On the large rectangular area a track is created using a boundary of tyres, this leads off to the two access roads which form the basis of the venue.
Stage 1 is from the start on the rectangular area to the end of one of the access roads.
Stage 2 is from the end of the access road to the end of the other access road.
Stage 3 is from the end of the access road back to the rectangular area.
The route around the triangle varies from stage to stage.
Stage's 1 to 3 are repeated and then they are run in the opposite direction, making a total of 12 stages.
A total stage mileage of approx 22 miles.


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