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Club origin

Bala & District Motor Club was originally a motorcycle club, several members used to compete on trials and decided to form a club, as more of these members purchased cars, the ratio of cars to motorcycles increased and the club became a motorclub.

The club was formed in 1948 and celebrated its fiftieth birthday with a party, where many fond memories were remembered and long lost friendships rekindled

Rule book, Car Badge & lapel badge from the early years

Rule book

Car badge

Lapel badge

CLUB RULES (from above book - date unknown at present)

  1. The Club, founded in 1948, shall be known as the - BALA AND DISTRICT MOTOR CLUB.
  2. The Club shall be Affiliated to the Auto Cycle Union, the fees for which shall be included in the Annual Subscription.
  3. The Club shall be governed in the Members' interests only and independent of personal interests
  4. The Annual Subscription shall be as decided upon at the Annual General Meeting each year, and shall be payable to the Treasurer of the Club.
  5. Existing members who have not paid their subscription by the 31st March, in any year, must re-apply for membership (re minders will be sent out previous to that date). No Member can take part in any event unless the current subscription has been paid.
  6. Any person wishing to become a Member of the Club must first fill in an application form, on which he or she has been proposed for Membership by two fully paid up Club Members, and the form must be accompanied by the Subscription. The application for Membership must afterwards be passed by the Committee.
  7. Members hold themselves bound in honour in all cases of dispute or disagreement as to the interpretation of the Rules of the Club, to accept the decision of the Club's Committee as final and binding.
  8. Every Member shall be furnished with a copy of the Rules on Election to the Club.
  9. The Club shall organize from time to time Tours and Social Runs for Members, also Competitions for Members.
  10. The Club shall be governed by a Committee consisting of President, appointed Officials and 8 Members, elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Vice Chairman to be elected from and by the Committee. The quorum for a Committee Meeting shall be 5 (Five) persons. Standing Orders of the Club are available for inspection by any Member.
  11. The Annual General Meeting shall be held at Headquarters or other convenient premises, in the month of January, to receive the report of the Treasurer and Secretary, together with the Balance Sheet, which shall have been certified by an independent Auditor, appointed by the Committee.
  12. The Committee shall be empowered to receive gifts of Challenge Cups, Medals or Prizes, or donations of money (to be applied in the purchase of prizes) for the purposes of the Club. These will be used for Competitions arranged by the Committee, whose decisions in all matters concerning such events shall be final.
  13. The Club shall not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by Persons, Animals or property through accidents or carelessness by any of the Members during Club Events. The responsibility in all cases must be accepted by the offenders.
  14. The Lady Mary Grosvenor Aggregate Cup, will be awarded Annually with replica to the Club Member gaining highest marks throughout the year on a basis of marks allocated by the Committee each year. The Club will organize an INVITATION RUN annually before the 1st May open to Members and Non-Members. No aggregate marks will he calculated for this run.
  15. No Member or Members, whether in official capacity or not, shall he held liable for any liability of the Club over and above his or her subscription.
  16. No Annual Subscription when once paid to the Club, and the Application Form approved, shall be returnable in any circumstances whatsoever.
  17. Any Member desiring to appear before the Committee for any purpose whatsoever should make his request in writing to the Club Secretary.
  18. The Club is established and conducted for the promotion and furtherance of Amateur Motor Cycling and not conducted or established for profit.
  19. On Dissolution any income or property remaining will not be distributed among the Members, but devoted to a Society with similar aims or to Charity.
(To be continued)

Scramble programme from 1961

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