Production Car Autosolo

5th December 2021

Bala and District Motor Club will run a Production Car Autosolo at Ranges Motorsport Centre, Trawsfynnydd. It offers a cheap entry level form of motorsport for novices to experts alike.

The event is a RS Clubman event and will be called the "Blewmoch PCA"

The PCA is open to members of the organising club only;
Bala and District Motor Club membership available ONLINE.
MSUK RS Clubman Licences is required for the event
the event will form part of the Ranges PCA Championship.
The public highway is not used.

Regulations and entry link for the event here.

Download the Regulations and access Online entry Form (closed)

Download the Final Instructions , Results , Penalties

Blew Moch Autosolo

Entries Received List

Class A - Standard Road Car - up to 1400cc
Class B - Standard Road Car - over 1400cc
Class C - Rally Car Class
Class D - Cars Driven by 14 - 16 year olds
Class E - Ladies Cup

Any problems/errors/or queries about your entry, email the
Entries Secretary

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