Production Car Autosolo

Sunday 15th April 2018

Bala and District Motor Club will run a Production Car Autosolo at Ranges Motorsport Centre, Trawsfynnydd. It offers a cheap entry level form of motorsport for novices to experts alike.

The event is a Club Sport event and will be called the "Easter PCA"

The PCA is open to members of the organising club only; Bala and District Motor Club membership will be available on the day. MSA Competition Licences are not required for the event and the event will form part of the Ranges PCA Championship. The public highway is not used.

Regulations and entry link for the event below.

Download the Regulations and access Online entry Form - closed

Download the Final Instructions , Results , Penalties , and Championship Table

Easter Autosolo

Entry List

No. Driver Forename Driver Surname Passenger Forename Passenger Surname Make Model Colour Reg No Capacity Class Entered
1 Sam Jones Neil Flately Ford Puma Silver   1700 B
2 Gareth Flynn Iestyn Griffiths Peugeot 106 Red   1100 A
3 Ceri Hicks Dewi Jones Ford Focus Green     E
4 Dewi Jones Ceri Hicks Seat Ibiza Red     A
5 Greg Hicks Ceri Hicks Citreon C2 Black     A
6 Brynli Thomas Llio Thomas Peugeot 206 Blue HD03 WCR 1990 C
7 Gwynant Jones Tom Hughes Toyota Corolla Red FX02 GWO 1.8 C
8 Alun Evans Tudur Evans Vauxhall Corsa Red R312 HDM 1600 C
9 Tudur Evans Alun Evans Vauxhall Corsa Red R312 HDM 1600 D
10 Gwyn Edwards Casha Edwards Ford Puma Purple   1700 B
11 Rhys Jarrett Gerwyn Jarrett Proton Satria Blue WX54RYG 1800 C
12 Osian Richards Geraint Richards Ford Puma Black Y812 LCW 1600 B
13 Dylan Richards Iolo Roberts Ford Puma Black Y812 LCW 1600 B
14 Chris Hannaby Mathew Hannaby Vauxhall Corsa Green S485 MLU 1395 A
15 Mathew Hannaby Chris Hannaby Vauxhall Corsa Green S485 MLU 1395 A
16 Casha Edwards Gwyn Edwards Ford Puma Purple   1.7 E
17 Dylan Williams Sion Williams Toyota Starlet Green   1300 A
18 Sion Williams Dylan Williams Toyota Starlet Green   1300 A
19 Tom Hughes Deio Hughes Toyota Starlet Red   1.3 A
NS Iwan Roberts Gwynant Jones Toyota Corolla Red FX02 GWO 1.8 C
NS Huw Roberts Tba Tba Peugeot 306 White L421 URW 2300 C
22 Robat Davies Carwyn Davies Ford Puma Silver   1.7 B
23 Carwyn Davies Robat Davies Ford Puma Silver   1700 B
24 James Talbot Sam Jones Ford Puma Silver   1700 B
25 Owain Rowlands Lauren Buxton Mazda MX5 White BF51 YLZ 1800 C
26 David Sibley Allan Jones Bmw Z4 Red BJ04 WYC 2499 B
27 Lauren Buxton Owain Rowlands Honda Jazz S1400     1400 E
28 Dafydd Edwards Griff Dafydd Ford Puma Purple   1.7 B
29 Daniel Jones Gareth Flynn Peugeot 106 Silver   1100 A
30 Tomos Owen Shakespeare Tomos Ford KA Green W718eoo 1300 A
31 Islyn Griffiths LLyr Griffiths Honda Civic Silver   1395 A
32 LLyr Griffiths islyn griffiths Honda Civic Silver   1395 A
33 deion atkinson Gwynant Jones bmw 318ti Blue V360 DKC 1900 C
34 Aron Roberts Gareth Jones Vauxhall Astra Red   1.6 B
NS Cameron Roberts Aron Keating Audi TBA       B
36 Eiddon Davies Sion Rhisiart VW Golf       B
37 Sion Rhisiart Eiddon Davies Lori laeth S1600 R2/D2 TBA Gwyn de wa LL8ETH   B
38 Ioan Roberts Ifan Roberts Shitroen Saxo Blue   1400 A
39 Ifan Roberts Ioan Roberts Citroen Saxo Blue   1400 A
40 Dyfan Williams Gareth Jones Toyota Yaris Blue     A
WD Med Price Aron Robert Peugeot 205 Blue   1800 B
20 Declan Mason Iwan Thomas Ford Fiesta Silver ER07 LCT 1600 B
  Classes       Cars          
  A 15     BMW 318 1      
  B 15     BMW Compact 0      
  C 8     BMW Z4 1      
  D 1     Citroen C2 1      
  E 3     Citroen Saxo 2      
          Ford Fiesta 1      
NS Non Start 3     Ford Focus 1      
WD Withdrawn 1     Ford KA 1      
  Entries 42     Ford Puma 9      
  Remaining 2 of 40     Honda Civic 2      
          Honda Jazz S1400 1      
          Mazda MX5 1      
          Peugeot 106 2      
          Peugeot 205 1      
          Peugeot 206 1      
          Peugeot 306 1      
          Proton Satria 1      
          Seat Ibiza 1      
          TBA TBA 2      
          Toyota Corolla 2      
          Toyota Starlet 3      
          Toyota Yaris 1      
          Vauxhall Astra 1      
          Vauxhall Corsa 4      
          VW Golf 1      
          Received   42      
          WD   1      
          NS   3      
          Runners   38      


Class A - Standard Road Car - up to 1400cc
Class B - Standard Road Car - over 1400cc
Class C - Rally Car Class

Class D - Cars Driven by 14 - 16 year olds

Class E - Ladies ( What became of equal rights ? )

Any problems/errors/or queries about your entry, email the
Entries Secretary

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