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Production Car Autosolo

Nova on PCT

AutoSolo is an increasingly popular form of motorsport, it provides drivers with the opportunity to use their everyday car without the risk of damaging it, and yet the events present an exiting, challenging experience.
AutoSolo events may be enjoyed by those who have never competed in motorsport and well as those with some experience.
Autosolos are open to everyone over the age of 14 and you don’t even need a driving licence.
There’s no need for a helmet or overalls, and your car will not require any modifications.
The only proviso is that your tyres meet the regulations – standard road tyres are the order of the day and unfortunately, that means track bias rubber which are on MSA List 1B (R888s, R1R, AO48s, AO39s, etc) are not permitted. AutoSolo in the United Kingdom is a form of Motorsport based around the principles of autotesting, the main differences being that the tests are run in a forward direction only and are usually slightly faster and more open than traditional Autotests.
Courses are usually larger than those for Autotesting

There will be 4 events this year forming a club championship, best 3 scores to count.

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